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The Immunology Program at the Institute for Immunology, LMU

The immune system is essential to maintain an organism's integrity and well-being in the face of continuous microbial attack. Cells and molecules of the innate and adaptive immune system are likely to be involved in essentially all disease processes.

The Immunology Program at Institute for Immunology offers classes in lecture- and seminar-style to

  • assist students in understanding the basic concepts, central technologies and key experiments of this rapidly developing field,
  • provide education on the relevance of the immune system to disease,
  • support critical thinking and creativity to do innovative research in immunology, and
  • offer training and research opportunities to successfully assemble masters and PhD theses to pursue immunological research careers in academia and industry.

The curriculum is open to students in the Masters Programs in Biology and Biochemistry.

It consists of

  • a two-semester lecture series "Immunology I & II" (3 ECTS points each),
  • seminars on focused topics with basic and applied significance (3 ECTS points),
  • a 3-week practical course which includes methods for antigen detection (flow cytometry, immuneperoxidase staining, ELISA, western blot), methods for assessing antigen recognition (lymphocyte proliferation, cytotoxicity, effector functions) and Tumor Immunology or an optional laboratory rotation (6 ECTS points).