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Courses and Seminars WiSe 2023/24


Seminar Current Immunology: From Basics to Application (7C0713)

For students of Master programs in Biology, Biochemistry (3 ECTS) and students of Medicine (Wahlfach im 1. Studienabschnitt). This seminar accompanies the lecture "Current Immunology: From Basics to Application". Time: Wednesdays 17:00 - 18:30, GH4-G00.001, Biocenter, Großhaderner Str. 4, 82152 Planegg-Martinsried.
Lecturers: Thomas Brocker, Vigo Heissmeyer, Ludger Klein, Jan Kranich, Anne Krug, Reinhard Obst, Anneli Peters.

NEW VENUE AS OF NOVEMBER 15, 2023! The seminar will be held in room GH9-N.B.005 (Insitute for Immunology, BMC, Großhaderner Str. 9, 82152 Planegg-Martinsried).

This seminar deals with the biological basis of immunity and how we know about it from experiments. By looking at classical and current publications following the topics of the "Current Immunology" lecture the central concepts of Immunology will be introduced. The class requires reading of several papers per week and the preparation of summaries, abstracts and flow charts.

To sign up please send a mail to Please send it from your account and include 'Immunology Seminar' in the header.

  1. 18.10.23 How To Read A Paper? 1 (Obst)
  2. 02.11.23 How To Read A Paper? 2 (Obst)
  3. 08.11.23 Innate Immunity (Krug)
  4. 15.11.23 B and T cell development (thymus, RAG, VDJ) (Klein) 
  5. 22.11.23 TCR/BCR/Cytokine signaling (Heissmeyer) 
  6. 29.11.23 MHC and alloreactivity (Obst)
  7. 06.12.23 T1 cell effector function (Heissmeyer)
  8. Postponed! 13.12.23 Tolerance (Klein): The Seminar 'Tolerance 1' is postponed to January 2023 (date to be decided).
  9. 20.12.23 Tolerance 2 Treg (Klein)
  10. 10.01.24 T cell costimulation and -inhibition (Kranich)
  11. 17.01.24 Germinal centers, class switch, antibodies (Kranich)
  12. 25.01.24 Immune memory (Brocker)
  13. 31.01.24 Type 2 immunity (Peters)
  14. 07.02.24 Mucosal immunity, homing, inflammation (Krug)  

Seminar WiSe 2023/24 - 'Immunological Memory' (7C0727)

For students of Biology, Biochemistry and Medicine. This class will take place at room NB00.005, Biomedical Center, Großhaderner Str. 9, 82152 Planegg-Martinsried and is intended for advanced students of Immunology. Tuesdays 17:00-18:30. Minimal participation: 5. To sign up please send an email to the lecturer,, from your campus account.

Immunity means the protection against an microbial disease following an infection by the same pathogen or an adequate immunization. It is carried by long-lived cell types of the adaptive immune system whose functions are summarized as 'immunological memory.' In this class we are looking at classical and current papers that forward our understanding of this concept that is at the center of Immunology. This advanced class requires regular reading of reviews and primary papers and the preparation of summaries on a weekly basis.

Practical Courses

Practical Course Immunology WiSe 2023/24 (7C0709)

For master students of Biology and Biochemistry and students of Medicine. 3 weeks full time practical course: February 26 - March 15, 2024 at the Institute for Immunology, BioMedical Center, Großhaderner Straße 9, 82152 Martinsried. Passing the Current Immunology lecture taught by the Institute is is recommeded for participation.

Please send an email from your account to to express your interest in the Practcial Course with 'Practical Course Immunology' in the header.