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Research Topics and Financial Support

RNA Cis-elements and Trans-acting factors

We study structure-function and regulation of selected RNA-binding proteins, endoribonucleases, exoribonucleases, miRNAs, components of the m6A methyltransferase complex as well as their cofactors and downstream effectors. We define the transcriptome-interacting proteome (RBPome) and ask which proteins are in close proximity in T cells and cooperate functionally to control specific mRNA targets. Ongoing work of our group describes m6A methylation of RNA as well as the interaction of RNA-binding proteins with the transcriptome at near-nucleotide resolution in T cells. These studies will provide a detailed understanding of the post-transcriptional drivers and their molecular interactions in T cells and enable future therapeutic modulation of T cell function in autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases as well as anti-tumor responses.

These aspects of our work receive funding from the DFG (Projects 444891219, 432656284, 313381103).

Selected publications:

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