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Research Topics and Financial Support

Financial Support

DFG: SFB 1054 Control and Plasticity of Cell-Fate Decisions in the Immune System
Project A03: Post-transcriptional Control of T Cell Activation and Differentiation

Wilhelm Sander Stiftung: Inhibition der Roquin-Aktivität zur Verbesserung adoptiver T-Zelltherapie

Deutsche Krebshilfe: Investigation of Roquin function in the prevention of pancreas inflammation and neoplasia

HE 3359/7-1 DFG/SNF: RNA-binding proteins and control of mRNA metabolism in th regulation of adaptive immunity in humans

HE3359/8-1 DFG: Investigating the role of accessory proteins of the methytransferase complex and the importance of m6A mRNA modification in T cells

HE 3359/5-2 DFG SPP1935: Differential protein- and RNA-interactions of Roquin specify alternative modes of post-transcriptional gene regulation